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Bio-cleaning - Bio-disinfection - Disinsectisation - Inventory - Olfactory universe

Welcome to a Pure World !

Together we have the ambition to re-imagine the way to clean. Our purification process treats every surface, including air, and removes up to 99, 99% of bacteria and viruses on-site.

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We propose a cleaning of all types of premises with biodegradable ecological products, that are non-aggressive for materials, non-toxic and non-allergenic, putting in priority your clients, your properties and environment. Our mission is to research and select the best available technologies in the fields of hygiene, environmental protection and air quality for better protection of customers and employees.

Our highly selected teams will be at your disposal seven days a week to bring you a complete service with professional results


On top of our bio-cleaning, we are offering our partners an additional prime service. To provide your customers with healthy and purified goods and the owners to take possession of their virgin property from any previous presence.

Our interventions are based on a unique combination of patented technologies offering us a spectrum of total activity. It is the safest bio-solution with no residue or toxicity. Allergy (Viruses, Bacteria, Spores, Mushrooms, Mites, Other pathogens) and odors (sweat, animals, mold, moisture, food ...)

83% of travelers say they prefer to choose an anti-allergic room if they have a choice *


Have your home treated by a qualified professional. The versatility of our technologies allows us to intervene, even in the emergency, to solve the problems related to insect infestation. Because each case is unique, we offer the most appropriate treatment solutions for your problem and your environment.

We deal with: Apartments, houses, cellars, garbage cans, warehouses, offices, underground parking ... etc with a remanence of one to two months on all types of insects (bed bugs, fleas, ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies and gnats, spiders ...)


Our inventory reconciles speed, efficiency and completeness: Our staff trained and already on site to take care of your apartment is supported by our latest state of the art software. We carry out the inventory constantly guided at each step of the realization by the software. Our methodology requires the addition of digital images and the details that will appear on the inventory will remain permanently accessible on a computer document for contradictory comparisons.

Our inventory includes: The designation of each part of the rented property; detailed examination of each wall, accessories, equipment; The gaz/electricity readings; The mention of keys and remote controls; The state of use of each element with photo; The quote estimate of the amount of the repairs if needed.


In association with a famous perfumer of the UNESCO protected Grasse perfumeries in the south of France, a guarantee of the quality of the perfumes used, we have developed a range of solutions to create an olfactory universe to choose from. These scents, all in lightness, will be an integral part of the living space. Our originality rests on certain supports used such as perfumed lava stones. The effectiveness is based on the softness and discretion of the diffusion.

During the bio-disinfection phase we can incorporate free of charge into our solutions "Clean Odors" calling to our memory, stimulating our memories related to cleanliness through the smell of cotton, silk and linen.


With this distinctive quality label your clients will be informed that you’re in a place fighting against the presence of bacteria, viruses, odors, fungi, spores, dust mites and other germs. It sanitizes the air, but also all surfaces are deep cleaned .PureSpace participates in allergy relief. Your room smells fresh and clean.

• World Waltz of bacteria with the increasing tourism and worldwide clientele
• Increasingly demanding customers who expect excellent service and a hygienic atmosphere
• Need of a strong distinctive sign to reassure the clients that they stay in a protective environment
• Customers will book your PureSpace® Offer over the ones which aren’t disinfected
• It helps to fight against an invisible but real fear